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Riyan’s Girl

Riyan’s girl was going to continue her study in China after graduated from Diponegoro University of Semarang. Then he presented this concept for her.

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Krakatau Posco Farewell Present

Internal Transportation Team of Krakatau Posco need a present for their leader that had to go back to his home country in Korea. Then they decided to make a caricature of the full team of their division and put a transportation vehicle as an iconic…

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Bu Risma of Surabaya

The event of Mlaku-mlaku Nang Tunjungan was held in Tunjungan, the heart of Surabaya and bu Risma as the mayor of Surabaya were coming. ITS as the initiator of the event needs a gift that represents the iconic landmarks of Surabaya and also ITS as…